Tutors : Andrei Martin & Andrew Yau
Location : Mount Pleasant, London
Year : 2013

Urban Manufacturing. In the age of austerity, there is a constant overvaluing of the knowledge economy and the consequential devaluing of material economies, notably manufacturing. Urban manufacturing, both formal and informal, thrives in global cities and could, if properly recognized, contribute to creating a more distributed type of economy – producing more mid-level jobs and firms with mid-level rather than hyper profits. Unlike mass manufacturing, it needs to be in cities or urban areas because it is networked, based on multiple supplier and contractor links, and needs direct contact with customers through a robust retail model.

Retail Domesticity.The Artisanal Sorter, takes over the biggest postal office in London and examines the growing disparity between the Britain’s knowledge and material economies. It aims to create a highly amalgamized and dense hybrid of living, production, and selling for artisans of all levels and skills through the combination of housing and retail typologies.

Inspired by The Selby , by photographer Todd Selby, a project which features creative people such as authors, musicians, artists and designers in their unique domestic settings, the Sorter attempts to transform the humble household into a highly-curated showroom and workshop.

http://jun-ong.com/files/gimgs/th-12_3d print model 02 lo res.jpg