Location : Geo-Deok, South Korea
Year : 2013
Status : Competition

Visual Effects. The project focuses on the amplification of visual effects in order to transform an existing retail spine and station plaza into spaces of urban energy and vitality; flexible, adaptable spaces able to accommodate different events and activities throughout the year.

Retail Signage. Playing on the vibrant neon signage streetscape of Gangnam, the skewed walls of the façade can be used as a way to rationalize the retail signage within a coherent architectural framework, giving the shops a strong sense of identity on the street.

Façade Curation. Like a glass vitrine, each compartment of the façade could be individually curated with product displays or interactive installations, unique to the branding of each retail entity.

Sky Loggias. The thickness of the facade allows it to be occupied with pop-up activities, animating an otherwise stagnant retail front.

Retail Corner. The retail façade along the primary lateral connection adopts a calmer approach as a counterpoint to its adjacent thick façade along the spine. The ground floor pulls back, forming a sheltered retail walkway and an al-fresco dining area.

http://jun-ong.com/files/gimgs/th-16_Spine 18 - Landscape Trees Urban Forest.jpg