2nd Prize Winner - HMMD Bangkok Fashion Hub Competition

Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Year : 2015

The BFH (Bangkok Fashion Hub) is a centre that promotes and cultivates the thriving fashion industry of Thailand through three containers; SHOW, SPECULATE & SHOP.

With an ambition to be the fashion capital of ASEAN, the BFH is a cultural device that breeds an appreciation towards vernacular fashion, arts and architecture, translating ideas into a robust & unique fashion commerce industry.

It is also a time capsule; encapsulating the undisturbed fashion heritage with the progressive fashion industry of Thailand and ASEAN; archiving the past for the future.

The BFH is also a transformer, a highly transformable device that uses architecture to incubate new fashion ideas, promote unique interaction amongst designers & stage world-class events.

THe BFH strives to be a fashion temple - a symbol, icon and a highly respected fashion institution worldwide.

Facing Phloen Chit Rd, a retail haven, the BFH inverts the traditional retail frontage and puts the back-of-house & the behind-the-scenes to the forefront. It showcases various fashion objects while being able to host fashion events and also become a highly curated gallery space & fashion mecca.

The fashion lab - where the cross-pollination of new avant-garde fashion ideas with traditional techniques occurs through interactive open studios, workshops and multi-disciplinary forums. Speculation in fashion allows for fresh unique ideas to be born, incubated, branded and then tested in the real world.

The real-word test-bed for Bangkok's up and coming fashion designers, where products are curated to gradually create strong brands. Designers & digital technology are brought together to poach established investors that can assist them to launch new and quality brands not only physically but also virtually.

Results, Full Entry & Judges Commentary

Competition Brief

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