Location : Anywhere
Year : 2012

Retail Ritual. The retail ritual is a sequential series of events that occurs when one shops for an item (e.g. a Balmain F/W '14 dress). The process begins with the ...

1. 'Window-Display' - a device used to capture attention and to consequentially lure a customer into the retail environment/store. Once in, the process of ...

2. 'Browsing & Trying' takes place whereby customers become more hands-on with an item (picking them up from a clothing rail), visualizing and demonstrating the item as part of their body.

When satisfied, the customer reaches the final stage, the ...

3. 'Purchase' stage, whereby the customer makes first contact with another individual (the cashier) and initiates a process of exchange, marking a successful end to retail ritual and the restart of the loop.

The Dressing Room examines the relationship between display, browsing & the trying-on process through a series of suspended translucent curtains that like an onion, reveals a cross-section of the retail ritual as one maneuvers curiously into the core of the installation.