Type : Lighting Installation
For : Georgetown Festival 2015, Penang
Supported by : Philips Malaysia
Location : Sekeping Pinang
Year : 2015

“Warp” is a lighting installation by Jun Ong for Philips Lighting as part of Georgetown Festival 2015. Set in Sekeping Pinang, a 145-year old Chinese shop house on Lebuh Melayu, the installation transports the manufacturing glory of Penang into the heart of Georgetown, a world heritage site.

A dialogue is created between the two sides of Penang - mass production and craft; warping a quaint, sleepy lane with the inner workings of a factory. The controlled cacophony of LED light and transparent plastic tubes reveals each component needed to collectively bring the installation to live. “Warp” distorts the reality of a space and suspends time in order to create new forms of interactions through artificial light.

Transparent PVC Pipes, Philips T8 LED Tubes, Screws, Wires, Steel Clamps