Type : Lighting Installation
For : Heineken Malaysia
Supported by : OSRAM Malaysia
Location : Slate at The Row KL
Year : 2015

"Any of various fictional mechanism that explain extradimensional, super luminal or the travel outside the geometry of the physical universe."

"Tesseract" is a material glitch - a temporary malfunction, an irregularity to conformity.

Inspired by the notion of "the glitch," I take the generic factory light aluminium reflectors and simulate a noise data gathered from machinery used in the production of these reflectors. The frequencies are translated into data to generate a disruptive pattern that dictates its final composition.

The virtual composition is converted into an intricate juxtaposition of aluminium reflectors with light tubes, whereby off-the-shelf pieces are cut, hacked and then put back together to create an entirely new single piece - almost appearing out of thin air.

Aluminium Reflectors, OSRAM T8 LED Tubes, Pop Rivets, Wires, Steel Cables