Type : Lighting Installation
Curator : Hin Bus Depot for Urban Xchange 2015
Location : Butterworth, Penang
Year : 2015
Project Team : Jun Ong, Ronald Lim, Steven Lay, Eeyan Chuah, Gabi Grusaite, Khing Chuah

Inspired by the notion of “glitch,” a dodecahedron - a 12-sided star-shaped installation appears almost as an error or a temporary irregularity, suddenly finding itself lodged within the concrete superstructure of an unfinished building by the street of Raja Uda.

The term “glitch” was used to describe a spike or change in voltage in an electric current, first recorded in a space program. It is a manifestation of the sterile conditions of Butterworth, a once thriving industrial port and significant terminal between the mainland and island. The odd juxtaposition of “Star” with its “host” creates new relationships, tangible and intangible. It is an accumulation of digital and analogue irregularities, becoming a transient portal to a new dimension.

Comprised of five hundred metres of steel cables and LED strips, the “Star” abstracts kitsch street decorations with electrical cables and transposing them into a formal, recognizable entity. The cables are anchored to ground, slabs, cantilever beams and adjacent buildings to form the overall shape. As one steps closer, the installation segregates itself into several floors, each becoming its own spatial experience. The form breaks down into glowing lines, each fragment holding its own electrical and structural characteristic.


http://jun-ong.com/files/gimgs/th-37_The Star by Ronaldas Buozis_v2.jpg
http://jun-ong.com/files/gimgs/th-37_UX 2015 Star - AIA_81492 - Photo by All Is Amazing.jpg
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