Type : Lighting Installation
For : Lexus Design Award 2015
Year : 2015

Hujan / ‘Rain’ – Sudirman (1980)
Hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara,
Berkilau bersinar berkerdipan,
Subur menghijau bumi terbentang,
Dan bayu berpuput lembut (…)

The rain that fell like pearls,
Shining gleaming blinking,
Prospering the green vast earth,
While the gentle breeze blows (…)

[Translated by Jun Ong. From the album, Lagu Anak Desa / ‘Songs of a Villager’]

The Monsoon Light is a transformable light that learns from the monsoon phenomenon. Behaving like rain, its size and shape can be manipulated by hand to visualize and spatialize weather data – becoming a monsoon indicator.

Growing up in the tropics, I have always been fascinated by rain. Almost like a chaotic symphony, it begins with the gathering of grey sombre clouds, the loud clapping of thunder, the pitter-patter of drizzle, the strong gush of wind, and ultimately the all-encompassing, pounding rainfall. For some, rain is a detriment, a hazard and a mood-spoiler. For me, the bodily senses are ignited, triggered by the earthy smell of wet grass and the reinvigorating effects of the monsoon season.

I wanted to recreate rain atmospherically and spatially, to perceive rain more subjectively. Can the household fixture, the fluorescent tube lamp that is used commonly in my native country of Malaysia, be improvised into a transformable fixture? Can it mimic the effect and the look of rain to be scalable in various types of spaces?

The fixture consists of 21 (ø 50 mm X 800 mm length) acrylic tubes that are connected with powder-coated aluminium connectors along strips of gullet that allows the tubes to be guided upwards and downwards. Inside each tube will be a (10mm x 600mm) LED white strip (5500K-6500K) with 60 LEDs on each strip. Each tube has a unique LED strip that responds to a specific weather dataset with changeable brightness. There will also be a locking mechanism on the connector that is connected to the cap at the end of each tube to allow the connector to be fixed once the tubes are moved.

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