Bolt is Jun Ong's latest interactive light installation for iLight Marina Bay 2016, Asia's leading sustainable light festival. Inspired by the form and behaviour of the lightning phenomenon, the installation comprises of a series of bracing modules that form a radial latticework of light segments. When triggered by touch, bolts of lights gradually flares up in a branching manner. It becomes an interface that not only mimics the ethereal nature of lightning but also allows people to have direct visceral and emotional connections, creating that ‘spark’ that is seemingly disappearing in today’s virtually-connected world.

Its form is materialized within an invincible container, creating layers of controlled chaos that reveals itself in split moments, amidst darkness. The structure of the installation adapts from the branching form of lighting, which is similar to a tree structure, enabling materials to be used efficiently.

Bolt is ultimately the installation that celebrates the synergy between metaphor, nature, architecture & technology. It creates a dialogue amongst urban dwellers and rethinks the way we react with the physicality of light.

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Theme : In Praise of Shadows
Curator : Randy Chan (ZARCH) & Khairuddin Hori
Client : Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
Organiser : PICO
Location : Marina Bay, Singapore
Year : 2016
Project Team : Jun Ong, Jin Shee, Stanley Seow, Xuan Ning H'ng , Yee Thong Goh, Sunil Raj 2 - Jun Ong.jpg 3 - Jun Ong.jpg - Jun Ong.jpg 4 - Jun Ong.jpg 1 - Jun Ong.jpg