Type : Lighting Installation
For : Philips Lighting
Location : Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)
Year : 2015

Set on the grounds of KLPAC, "Awan" ("Cloud" in Malay) is a lighting installation by architect-artist Jun Ong in collaboration with Philips Lighting.

Looking at the notion of wayfinding, the installation started from the artist's observation of his neighbourhood's street names, each named after a particular type of cloud. Street signages enable one to locate an address but do they also describe deeper meanings? Can a piece of metal not only define a space but also a place?

The artist was also particularly drawn to the light tube or the fluorescent, a household item that has the ability to mark a place without the need to convey any information. It is a humble object, but when displayed in a certain manner, marks the artist's local cheongfun stall, the carwash or his dad's taichi grounds.

"Awan" is perhaps the artist's answer to what his neighbourhood street signages mean or to what else they could become. It combines two wayfidning devices; one that relays information and one that doesn't.

Consisting of thirty light tubes, each perched gently on a steel tripod, "Awan" is an installation that becomes a beacon of activity, igniting a casual banter over cloudy skies or provoking an interaction between two strangers and a cat, as unpredictable as it may be.

Event : KLPAC 10for10th Art Installation
Materials : Philips LED Tubes (9W) on powder-coated steel tubes
Dimensions : 2.4m (length) X 1m (width) x 1.8m (height)

http://jun-ong.com/files/gimgs/th-32_KIT OF PART 01.jpg